Red Rage by Brigitte Blobel (translated by Rachel Ward)

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Stars: *****

I recieved this book from Annick Press for review. I also read it for the Baby Steps challenge.

Red Rage is a translation of a German book. It is about a teen girl with a violent temper and an unstable home. It is a very good book but very hard to read. It made me angry when she was angry and feel depressed when she was depressed. Don’t read if you are already depressed, definitely not if you are severly depressed. What is says on back of book is totally true: “Filled with raw emotion and unflinching honesty, Red Rage is a vivid portrait of one teen lost in the vortex of her own aggression.”

The book was well written and/or well translated as I couldn’t put it down, even when it did depress me. It’s recommended for grade 9 and up and I have to agree with that.

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