Fresh Milk: The Secret Life of Breasts by Fiona Giles

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Fresh Milk by Fiona GilesStars: *****


“While countless breastfeeding guides crowd bookshelves, not one of them speaks to women with anything approaching bestselling author Fiona Giles’s level of intimacy and vitality. In Fresh Milk, through a provocative collection of stories, memories, and personal accounts, Giles uncovers the myths and truths of the lactating breast.  From the young mother grappling with the bewildering trappings of maternity wear to the woman who finds herself surprisingly aroused by new sensations, and the modern dad who learns the ins and outs of breastfeeding, the portraits in Giles’s eye-opening book offer a funny, wise, and comforting resource for women — and even their friends and partners who have had, or expect, intimate experiences with the pleasures and pain of lactation.” – from

I just recently became a breastfeeding mom for the first time and so I have been looking for books on breastfeeding. I’ve read lots of manuals and was refreshed to find a book on the subject that wasn’t a how-to.

Fresh Milk covers many different aspects of breastfeeding including the ones not talked about much like breastfeeding an older child, using lactation in the bedroom and cooking with breast milk. There are stories of breastfeeding adopted children, older children and triplets. There are stories about the pressure to breastfeed versus bottle feed, breastfeeding while you work and learning how to breastfeed.

It’s a good read for those people like me who like to know a lot about a subject before they do it. Even the parts I didn’t agree with, I still read and tried to keep an open mind about. Reading the book also made my breasts fill with milk and helped me to pump more milk during a time when my baby was away from me.

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