Princess: A True Story of Life Behind the Veil in Saudi Arabia by Jean Sasson

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Stars: *****

What a hard story to read! Princess Sultana’s life is nothing like a the life of the Princesses of Britain. I knew that women in Saudi Arabia were completely veiled and that they were considered possesions of men there but I did not know to what extreme life is like there! The scariest part is that this book was published in 2001! This is not a story of life in Saudi Arabia a long time ago, it is what is happening there NOW.
Not enough people realize what life is like in some countries and it’s our ignorance that is helping to keep these countries the way they are.

This story is Book I of the Princess Triologies, the other two being Princess Sultana’s Daughters and Princess Sultana’s Circle. I can’t get a hold of these sequals fast enough, that’s how much I ‘enjoyed’ this book. Enjoyed really isn’t the right word as how can you enjoy reading about such horrible treatement of women!

It is important to understand that while Saudi Arabia is 100% Islamic, most of what is happening is not actually a part of the Islmaic Religion but is a twisted version of the Koran and convenient ignoring of some parts of it. Jean Sasson includes some passage from the Koran on women in the back of this book and while some of it seems barbaric to Westeners, a lot of what goes on in Saudi Arabia and other countries is NOT supported by the Koran. This book is not an attack on Islam.

I could talk about this book for hours and you would still be suprised and horrified when reading it. I could not prepare you for this book without actually typing the whole thing out.

I highly recommend this book although only to adults. There may be some younger people who could handle this but I’m 20 and I believe well educated and this was hard for me to digest.

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