Why Do We Fight? Conflict, War and Peace by Niki Walker

Stars: ***** OwlKids Books (September 2013) Children’s Nonfiction Ages 10-14 80 Pages Summary: Types of conflict including battles, protests, standoffs and strikes, how they start, why they start and different ways people deal (or don’t deal) with conflict. War is definitely not a favourite subject of mine. I’m not a history buff, especially when it… Read More »

Dieppe: Canada’s Darkest Day of World War II by Hugh Brewster

Stars: **** Dieppe: Canada’s Darkest Day of World War II978-0-545-99420-0Scholastic Canada (July 2009)Ages 9 and up Summary: On the night of August 19, 1942, a force of five thousand Canadians launched an attack on the Nazi-held French port of Dieppe. When all was said and done, and the Allies were forced to retreat, nearly a… Read More »