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I used to do reading challenges all the time but stopped doing them and now I’d like to get back to them. I even ran a bunch way back when (I’ve been blogging for 15 years.) This post shows which challenges I’ve signed up for and I’ll be adding a list of books read as I read them.

Reading Challenges On My Blog



2019 Discussion Challenge2019 Book Blog Discussion Challenge – by Feed Your Fiction Addiction and It Starts at Midnight

I found this one in November of last year but I love it already. I’ve been meaning to add more discussion posts. I’m aiming for Chatty Kathy level as I want to do 2/month which would be 24.

So the point of this is to add more discussion posts to your blog about books, reading etc.

January: Dear Library…

Learning Something New 2019 Reading Challenge - check it out!Learn Something New Challenge – by Me!

Pick a topic you don’t know much about and want to know more on. Read at least 3 books on the subject.

This is my way to encourage more nonfiction reads.

I’m not 100% sure what my topic will be yet. I’m still thinking.

Read My Name

Read My Name – Hosted by Me!

Read an author/character/place name that is the same as your first/middle/last/maiden/nick name.

You choose your required # of books. I’m going with 1 for the year because I don’t buy books or use the library very much. I’m not picking the book ahead of time.

Mental Health Reading Challenge – by Whatever I Think Of

Any mental health books I read will count towards this. There is no specific number I need to read or anything.

As a nonfiction blog and sufferer of mental illness, I read a lot of books that would fit this topic.


  1. Finding Your Bipolar Muse
  2. At the Narrow Waist of the World
  3. A Mood Apart
  4. The Pain of Suicide
  5. The Upward Spiral
  6. My Lovely Wife in the Psych Ward
  7. Pound for Pound



Memoir Reading Challenge – by Whatever I Think Of

I normally read a lot of memoirs too. For this challenge, I must read at least 5 memoirs but they must all fit into a different of the categories listed.

Looking forward to this.


  1. Two Years of Wonder (Mental Illness Memoir)
  2. Beyond the Pale (Other Illness Memoir)
  3. Pound for Pound (Animal Memoir)
  4. Wishful Drinking (Written by an Actor or Comedian)
  5. At the Narrow Waist of the World (Written by someone from a country different from my own.


Creativity Reading Challenge – by Whatever I Think Of

A quote from the blog to show you what this challenge is for:

“This challenge is about reading books on creativity, art, crafts, writing, film making, photography, cosmetology, DIY, cooking, music and any other topic that helps you live a more creative life.”


  1. DIY Henna Tattoos
  2. The One With All the Recipes
  3. Drawing Fantastic Dragons


What an Animal Reading Challenge 2019What an Animal Reading Challenge 2019 – by Socrates’ Book Reviews

This is all about reading animal books of course. I am doing Level 1 which is read at least 6 books.

I love books about animals. Nothing planned yet but I’ll add them as I read them.


  1. Pound for Pound


The Backlist Reader ChallengeThe Backlist Reader Challenge – by The Bookwyrm’s Hoard

This challenge is about reading books that have been in your TBR list or pile for a long time (published 2017 or earlier) I have a lot of those in my bookshelves so I’d like to work on getting some of them read.

I will pick as I go from my shelves.

  1. Designed by God (2016)
  2. Nourishing Your Daughter (2001)

2019 Bookish Resolutions ChallengeBookish Resolutions Challenge – by Because Challenges

This challenge is about making your own resolutions related to book blogging, reading or writing. You make 3 or more resolutions and work towards them all year. My goals:

GOAL: Read 2 Fiction Books in 2019 (this sounds too easy till you realize I haven’t read adult fiction in 7 years!)
GOAL: Read 100 books in 2019 (I used to read over 200/year but lately it’s been barely 50)
GOAL: Read 1 Book/Month that is NOT a review book (I mostly read books I get for review)

Fiction Books:

At least 1 book/month that is not review book

January: Nourishing Your Daughter
February: Tired of Arguing With Your Kids
March: I’m Not Really Here
April: Nope
May: Nope
June: Nope
July: Nope
August: Breakfast with Jesus

Diversity Reading ChallengeDiversity Reading Challenge – by Lukten av trykksverte

This challenge includes the following as diversity: People of colour, Indigenous people, LGBTQIA, Transgender people, Refugees, Religious minorities, Mental illnesses, Neurodiversity (like ADD and autism), Feminist themes/issues and Physical/mental disabilities

I won’t be including mental illnesses in this challenge because I’ll be including it in the mental illness challenge above. There is no strict rules (how I like my challenges) so I’ll be adding books as I read them.

  1. Beyond the Pale (Albinism)
  2. The Boy Who Loved Too Much (Special Needs – rare disorder)
  3. Space of Love (Autism)

Indie Challenge - Read More Independently published books#IndieChallenge – by Ninja Book Box

This challenge is obviously about reading more books by independent publishers or self-published books. I review a lot of those here already so why not?

There is a bingo card and the instructions say to pick a line to aim for or try for the whole card. I read what I get for review, not picked by me so I’ll just fill in the card as I read and see if I get a line by 2020.

Here’s the card and I’ll add in books I’ve read below as I read them.

Indie Challenge Bingo Card


First Line:

A Women’s Press – Being Mean

Second Line:

Author from another country – At the Narrow Waist of the World

Third Line:

Kids/YA – Eat Up

Fourth Line:

Marginalized People – Two Years of Wonder

Fifth Line:

Nonfiction Book Bingo – from Reading in Winter

This is a laid back personal challenge that anyone can join in on so there isn’t strict rules or giveaways or checkins or even signups. But I love me some nonfiction!

Nonfiction Book Bingoa book that’s been made into a movie –
a self-help title –
a title by an indigenous author –
a biography –
a title by a Canadian author – Beyond the Pale
a Baillie Gifford award winner –
a celebrity or public figure memoir –
a true crime title – The Serial Killer Whisperer
a title by a person of colour –
a book about science & technology – Deadly Invaders
a book about feminism –
a book about nature or the environment –
free space –
a 2019 release – Girl, Stop Apologizing
a book about parenting or relationships –
a book on religion or spirituality – How to Grow
a pre-2000 non-fiction title –
a book about a medical condition – Two Years of Wonder (AIDS)
a title that was a 5-star read for a friend –
a book about travel –
an essay collection –
a book about food, wine, or cooking –
a book set outside of North America – At the Narrow Waist of the World
a Goodreads winner (from any year) –
a non-fiction book that has been translated –