Potatoes: A Sprout to Supper Guide

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A book review of Potatoes: A Sprout to Supper Guide by Jordan Mitchell and Stacy Farrell (ebook only)

A book review of Potatoes: A Sprout to Supper Guide by Jordan Mitchell and Stacy Farrel (ebook only)

Food Prep Guide Ebook (2024)
66 pages

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Summary: Potatoes: A Sprout to Supper Guide is designed for people who want to get started growing potatoes as quickly as possible—but don’t want to stop there. If you want to learn how to also preserve & use your harvest, this guide is for you.

  • Are you busy—and don’t like to waste time? No more endless Google searches or trial and error. The info you need is at your fingertips.
  • Do you feel like gardening is a pipe dream? Potatoes are beginner-friendly—and this guide walks you through every step.
  • Want to preserve food but need to start small? Break into food preservation with two easy projects & step-by-step instructions.
  • New to cooking with home preserves? Cooking with preserved foods is a little different. Get recipes for making the most of your harvest!

Putting homegrown food in your pantry is possible—even for busy people & small spaces. We’ll show you how!

Potatoes: A Sprout to Supper Guide

Have you ever wanted to grow your own potatoes but weren’t sure how to start? Googling can give you some help. However then you have to spend hours searching websites and videos trying to figure out who knows what they are talking about.

This virtual guide is just a one time purchase and download and you will have instant access to the following:

  • how to GROW potatoes
  • how to HARVEST potatoes
  • how to PRESERVE potatoes
  • how to USE those potatoes

All of this in an easy to read step by step format and with links to videos at the end if you want to see some more in video format. These authors know what they are talking about as they have actually grown potatoes many times and have seen what works and what doesn’t.

Whether you plan to grow them outside or in bags or pots, the steps are invaluable because they have experience behind them. For most of the world, the time to plant potatoes is almost here but even if you buy and read this book too late, you will be ready for next year. I think we’ll start next year as I don’t have enough time to get the materials and space ready.

You’ll find details on soil types, potato types, chitting, how to know when to harvest, what to do about pests and rot, dehydrating and canning potatoes, recipes to use those potatoes and more.

A book review of Potatoes: A Sprout to Supper Guide by Jordan Mitchell and Stacy Farrel (ebook only)

The book is laid out well and includes everything you need to know in one place. Highly recommend this book if you want to grow and/or preserve potatoes.


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