Food For Hope

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A book review of Food For Hope by Jeff Gottesfeld

A book review of Food For Hope by Jeff Gottesfeld


Creston Books (2023)
Picture Book
32 pages

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

Summary: Hunger continues to be an international problem. This true story of how one ordinary person did something extraordinary shows how everyone can do something to make a difference.

Readers will feel encouraged to find their own way to make a difference. Real life experience plus social justice interests combine into a powerful solution, filling empty bellies with nourishing food, all without costing a lot of money. Recycling meets hunger in John van Hengel’s ingenious, yet obvious solution to both food waste and widespread hunger.

Food For Hope

Have you ever wondered where food banks came from? This is the story of the how the first food banks started. It’s a cute little picture book with bright beautiful illustrations.

Whether you contribute to food banks or use food banks, it’s nice to know where they came from.

The back of the book contains some more background information and the definition of food banks/pantries vs soup kitchens. There is also a timeline.

This book would come in handy in a school or homeschool setting if learning about food or poverty.

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