Hints and Tips for Helping Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

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A book review of Hints and Tips for Helping Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Useful Strategies for Home, School and the Community by Dion E. Betts and Nancy J. Patrick

Stars: **

Jessica Kingsley Publishers (2008)
188 pages

Summary: If you have a child on the autism spectrum who struggles with the challenges of daily life, then this book is for you! Hints and Tips… is peppered with vignettes and stories of real-life situations and successes, and offers clever ideas for tackling everyday difficulties, such as bathing, bedtime, school trips, and selecting the right child minder.

Dion E. Betts and Nancy J. Patrick provide creative, practical strategies to help parents and caregivers to support their child, and to enable their child to develop the social skills needed to manage and enjoy daily life to the fullest. The book is split into five parts: home life, hygiene, community, medical, and schools and organizations. Common problem areas are also tackled in a toolkit section, which includes checklists, ‘to do’ lists, visual schedules, and mnemonics to aid memory and retrieval.

Hints and Tips for Helping Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders is an essential aid for parents and carers to make small and simple changes that result in big improvements in the quality of life of children, their families, and carers.

Hints and Tips for Helping Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders

This book has good intentions and it was probably a 4 star book the year it was published but it’s just a bit too outdated now. If you see it at a library you could read it but only if you know enough about Autism to recognize what’s outdated about it. I definitely wouldn’t recommend buying it unless they update it. I’m not even going to link to it on Amazon.

So the premise of the book is to talk about specific scenarios that those on the Autism spectrum could have trouble with like haircuts, shopping, homework etc. It gives an example from a real family with Autism and then says what happened and hints and tips.

Some of the hints and tips were helpful but if you read other books about Autism you could get the idea. This would be a good book if the terminology used for Autism disorders wasn’t outdated.

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