Predicting Jesus

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A book review of Predicting Jesus: a 6 Week Study of the Messianic Prophecies of Isaiah by Kim Erikson

A book review of Predicting Jesus: a 6 Week Study of the Messianic Prophecies of Isaiah by Kim Erikson

Stars: ****

Moody Publishers (2022)
Bible Study
206 pages

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book from Moody Publishers in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

Summary: Predicting Jesus is a six-week women’s Bible study from author and Bible teacher Kim Erickson on the book of Isaiah. It is a verse-by-verse study of Isaiah’s prophecies about Jesus and their fulfillment in the New Testament. It also includes contemporary application, weekly homework, reflection and prayer, and discussion questions for possible weekly small group interaction. Teaching on Isaiah is deeply personal to Kim as reading through it was transformative in the aftermath of her young son’s death: “Reading so many words that actually came true, some hundreds of years later, confirmed the character of God for me. Deep in my heart, I finally let go. I let go of the world’s effort to shame me into thinking it was all a sham. I let go of human logic. I let go of the paralysis of analysis. The focus of this study—Isaiah’s prophecies regarding Christ—reveal so much about God: His power, His nature, His plans. We can trust Him to do what He says He is going to do. I pray women use this book to challenge their current mindsets, check their understanding, and push forward in their faith in Jesus and the Bible.”

Predicting Jesus

I always like bible studies from Moody Publishers and this one is no different. The book of Isaiah contains a lot of passages and prophecies so a bible study is practically a must if you want to unpack and understand everything in it.

This study is designed to take place over 6 weeks. Each of the weeks has a topic:

  1. The Savior is Coming
  2. The Savior Will Conquer Sin and Death
  3. The Savior With Us
  4. The Savior’s Strength and Love
  5. The Savior’s Sacrifice
  6. The Savior’s Everlasting Peace

Within each week an introduction to the subject is given. Then each day is separated so you know how much to study on which day. You start by being directed to read certain passages in your bible and then the passages are discussed. It keeps directing you to read a few passages, then think about or answer questions on that section and then it continues. On day 5 of each week, you Review, Reflect and Pray about what you have read so far.

At the end of each week is a group discussion section for if you are doing the study with a group whether in person or online. There is also a closing exercise at the end of the 6 weeks.

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