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A book review of Family Power: 5 Simple Rules for a Healthy Weight Home by Weight Watchers

A book review of Family Power: 5 Simple Rules for a Healthy Weight Home by Weight Watchers

Stars: ****

Wiley (2006)
Health>Weight Loss
260 pages

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Summary: For the first time, Family Power provides a revolutionary program that gives you proven, practical solutions for achieving a healthy weight and maintaining it as a family. Filled with the motivational stories of families who have achieved healthy-weight homes as well as expert advice from their coaches, Family Power gets your family up, moving, and improving health together as no other book ever has before.

This was a valuable resource from the Weight Watchers company about having a healthy weight home. The sections are: What is a Healthy-Weight Home?, Family Power and Special Circumstances. The advice is sound and not unattainable although that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

There are 5 simple rules to follow to have a healthy-weight home. The hardest one for me is to keep nonhomework screen time at two hours or less per day. We struggle with this here. My kids have forgotten how to play or do anything not electronic.

I do intend to make some changes in our home. Make sure you do the same when you read this book or your goals for your family won’t come to fruition. Self help books can’t just be read.

Advice and case studies are given for different scenarios including healthy weight parents and overweight children, overweight parents and healthy weight children, all one or the other and other scenarios. What do you do if your spouse isn’t on board with these rules? What if they aren’t home for most meals?

I recommend this book to families struggling with weight issues or who are worried it might become a problem. It would be nice to have an updated version though.

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