The Year That Changed The World

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A book review of The Year That Changed the World (2020) by Naomi Watasa Lumutenga

A book review of The Year That Changed the World (2020) by Naomi Watasa Lumutenga

Stars: ***

Clink Street Publishing (2020)
History/Current Events
60 pages

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

Summary: This easy-to-follow informative book brings to the fore why 2020 will be etched in the memory of everyone who lived through it.

Starting with new- and rehashed words, it charts events of the year in accessible language and is refreshingly non-judgemental. When life returns to ‘normal’, some of the 2020 phenomena will sound unbelievable, when recounted in future years; this book is a must have for all who will want a quick memento of the year that shook the world, from east to west, and north to south. Events outlined include bringing busy skies, airports, and linked business chains to an abrupt halt, turning the world’s busiest city centres into ghost streets and scenes of some reclaimed by previously shy and suppressed wildlife. It captures previously secure global events that were cancelled such as world trade expos, the Olympics, cultural festivals, and sacred religious gatherings – from the Muslim Hajj to Christian Easter. Its colourful illustrations bring to life experiences that were unthinkable a few months earlier, that became not just thinkable but real, as the year evolved.

This mother-and daughter project acknowledges the pain that many endured but, it is a reminder that underneath the doom and gloom that dominated headlines lay many positives and opportunities for tech giants and hitherto unappreciated individuals, including centurions. It is unique in having something for everyone, everywhere, in an increasingly polarised world.

The Year That Changed the World

This is a large but skinny book that talks about some of the things that happened in 2020 around the world, but a focus on UK because that’s where the book was made. It includes the COVID-19 pandemic of course but also notable deaths, the Black Lives Matter protests, global events that got cancelled, US elections, virtual learning and more.

The book isn’t all negative though. The author made sure to include acts of kindness and young entrepreneurs emerging during lockdown. It was nice that the book wasn’t too negative.

The book is full of illustrations by Taaya Griffith. They are very beautiful and compliment the book nicely.

This would be a good book to put in a time capsule or to have to share with future generations. 2020 WAS The Year That Changed the World.

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