Becoming a Dog Chef

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A book review of Becoming a Dog Chef: Stories and Recipes to Spoil Your Pup from America’s Top Dog Chef by Kevyn Matthews

A book review of Becoming a Dog Chef: Stories and Recipes to Spoil Your Pup from America's Top Dog Chef by Kevyn Matthews

Stars: ****

Mango Publishing Group (2021)
168 pages

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

Summary: Make your own dog food with world renowned dog chef, Kevyn Matthews. With tons of recipes for canine cooking, these healthy alternatives to processed dog food transform any home into a personal restaurant for dogs.

Haute cuisine for hounds. Whether you’re cooking up doggy dinners or puppy picnics, these healthy, homemade dog foods are sure to keep your dog away from the dinner table. With the help of the canine culinary master dubbed “The Dog Chef,” you’ll learn to make your own dog food and create fully balanced meals. Plus, you’ll get an inside look into the life of a dog chef along the way.

Wholesome meals for man’s best friend. Chef Kevyn understands that the goodest boys deserve the goodest food. That’s why he’s jam-packed this cookbook with fresh meals and treats that even humans love. Alongside famous one-of-a-kind dog recipes, find bonus information on your dog’s immune system, digestion, and daily life for optimal doggo health.

Inside, read chapters on: 

  • Raw food
  • Cooked food
  • Treats and sweets

If you’re ready to start your own restaurant for dogs, and enjoyed books like Feed Your Best Friend Better, Home Cooking for Your Dog, and Yin & Yang Nutrition for Dogs, then you’ll love Becoming a Dog Chef.

Becoming a Dog Chef

If you are looking to feed your dog a raw food diet then this book by the Dog Chef is the ultimate guide. Even if you aren’t sure yet but want to know more, this guide will be helpful. Kevyn starts off by giving his back story. Then he tells us what supplies we’ll need and how to care for them. After that he moves on to teaching us about how dog digestion differs from humans. This was very interesting and explains why they can eat raw foods we can’t.

The most helpful chapter is next. Here we learn what foods are safe for dogs to eat and which aren’t. Most people know dogs can’t have chocolate but did you know they can’t gave grapes or macadamia nuts? Do you know which plants they can’t have? Even if you don’t end up transitioning your dog to a raw food diet, you will know which table scraps are okay to feed him and which aren’t.

Finally you make it to the recipes. There are recipes that looks so good you will want to eat them! Any of the ones that don’t include raw meat you can try. Your dog can try Buddy’s Beef Stew, Sushi Rolls, Coco’s Salmon and even Holiday Thumb Cookies, Carob Chip Cookies and Sweet Potato Fries.

Each recipe includes a back story and all the information you usually see in a recipe. You’ll find prep time, equipment, , servings, ingredients, instructions and of course a full colour photo.

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