The Believer’s Journal for Everyday Faith

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A book review of The Believer’s Journal for Everyday Faith by Kerry Evelyn

A book review of The Believer's Journal for Everyday Faith by Kerry Evelyn

Stars: ****

Orange Blossom Publishing (2021)
286 pages

Disclosure: I received a copy of this journal in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

Summary: Grow your faith with The Believer’s Journal for Everyday Faith. Part devotional, part workbook, the exercises within these pages will guide you as you strengthen your spiritual connection, learn to access inner peace, and align yourself on the path you were created to travel down.

Believe. Pray. Find Joy.

The Believer’s Journal for Everyday Faith

This journal is not just a blank journal with dates. It is part devotional like it says in the summary above. You can start the journal whenever you want, it doesn’t have to be January. You start off by completing an Everyday Faith Inventory to see where you can improve in your faith. Then you choose a focus word for the year. The book helps you with this and with creating a vision with goals.

At the beginning of each month you fill in some questions and at the beginning of each week you copy the scripture given in the book and record any thoughts, feelings or reflections you have about that scripture.

For each week,, you can pick a focus for that week and write an affirmation or focus statement to help you concentrate on it all week. Each day there is an AM and PM section to fill out. AM includes things such as My prayer for today or what I’m grateful for. PM includes Successes and Prayer Requests and more.

You continue this way with new monthly questions and focus statements each week. It’s a wonderful way to keep the faith everyday instead of just on Sundays. I decided I’m starting mine in January since it’s almost here. But nothing says dates so you can start whenever.

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