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A book review of Snoozefest: The Surprising Science of Sleep by Tanya Lloyd Kyi

A book review of Snoozefest: The Surprising Science of Sleep by Tanya Lloyd Kyi

Stars: ****

Kids Can Press (2021)
Children’s Nonfiction/Science
80 pages

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

Summary: From award-winning author Tanya Lloyd Kyi, an eye-opening look at the science of sleep — covering everything adolescents could possibly want to know about a subject that’s suddenly keeping them up at night!For something that all humans do for hours every night, sleep is not that well understood. One thing we do know, though, is that sleep is crucial for our health and happiness.

Here’s a highly readable and fascinating look at why sleep is so important, what’s happening in our bodies while we’re sleeping (it’s a lot more than you think!), and how the science of sleep research has evolved. It probes some of the mysteries about sleep, like why we need sleep, why we dream, and even how long we can go without sleep! It also explains why teens and tweens aren’t getting enough sleep — and what school principals can do about it! It’s a deep dive into an intriguing topic that’s anything but a snore! Fully illustrated with a light touch by Valéry Goulet, this unique and appealing book makes scientific content accessible and fun.


Have you ever wondered what happens when you sleep? I decided to read this to see if I would learn something new. It’s juvenile/children’s nonfiction but many times I learn something new even though I’m an adult. Everything I read I already knew but the book explained it well.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • what happens when we sleep
  • why sleep is important
  • what happens if you miss sleep
  • sleep disorders like sleep apnea, sleep walking and night terrors
  • how dreaming works
  • past discoveries and medical treatments from 100s of years ago
  • how to get better sleep
  • the circadian rhythm, melatonin and sleep pressure
  • what is bad for sleep health and why

Ages 11+ would be the ideal age to read this book. It’s very interesting and would make great research for a sleep related science project. I’ve read other books by Tanya Lloyd Kyi including Burn, Seeing Red and 50 Body Questions.

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