I Am Spock

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A book review of I Am Spock by Leonard Nimoy

A book review of I Am Spock by Leonard Nimoy - of Star Trek: The Original Series Fame

Stars: ****

Hatchette Books (2015) – the reprint. Originally published 1995
Celebrity Biographies
353 pages

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Summary: The memoir by the late Leonard Nimoy, best remembered for his portrayal as everyone’s favorite Vulcan, Spock, in Star Trek, the TV series and films. Leonard Nimoy’s portrayal of the ever-logical Vulcan, Mr. Spock, is one of the most recognizable, loved, and pervasive characterizations in popular culture.

He had been closer to the phenomenon of Star Trek than anyone, having played the pivotal role of Spock in the original series, in six motion pictures, and in a special two-part episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. I AM SPOCK gives us Nimoy’s unique perspective on the beginnings of the Star Trek phenomenon, on his relationship with his costars, and particularly on the reaction of the pointed-eared alien that Nimoy knew best.

Here, Nimoy shared the true story behind his perceived reticence to re-create the role and wrote frankly about how his portrayal defined an icon.

I Am Spock

My brother lent me this book because he knows I love Star Trek. I didn’t watch the original series till I was an adult but I grew up with The Next Generation and the series’ that followed.

As a fan I really enjoyed reading a behind the scenes look at where it all started. We get to see how the TV show came about, how the movies got made and what the other actors are really like. It’s not just about Star Trek. Nimoy shares his other movies, TV shows, theater and directing gigs he had. I learned things I didn’t know, such as that Nimoy is a Russian Jew and that he directed a movie I loved as a kid, Three Men and a Baby.

Since I’m more of a general Star Trek fan and not specifically a Leonard Nimoy fan, I enjoyed the parts that weren’t about Star Trek less. However if you are a Nimoy fan, you will enjoy the whole book.

Throughout the book, we see a “discussion” between Nimoy and Spock. In other words, the Spock character speaks to Nimoy in the abstract sense. It’s like arguing with yourself. This made for a more interesting read.

I definitely want to read all the other memoirs out there by Star Trek actors. I’ve already read Live Long and Prosper by William Shatner.

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