The Queen’s Daughter

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A book review of The Queen’s Daughter by Melissa McCormick

A book review of The Queen's Daughter by Melissa McCormick

Stars: ****

Walkerville Publishing (2008)
113 pages

Summary: A True Story. On February 12, 1976, six young and beautiful women prepared for a big night out in Detroit. One did not make it home that night. She was kidnapped and held for 12 hours against her will. The experience was so brutal and frightening that she begged her assailants to kill her. Instead, they let her go. 28 years later, Melissa McCormick is finally ready to tell about the night she became The Queen’s Daughter.

The Queen’s Daughter

I came across this book in a Little Free Library box at the side of the road. I didn’t know it when I grabbed it but it actually partly takes place in my hometown of Windsor, Ontario, Canada. In fact the publishing company is from my hometown too. So cool! The other part of her story is in Detroit, Michigan (across the river.)

Unfortunately the story is not cool, it’s violent and upsetting. What Melissa McCormick went through was horrible. That she is living her life now after all that she went though is nothing short of amazing. She shares not only what happened but how she turned her life around. It’s an inspiring story.

It was a pleasant surprise to find a local book. Unfortunately it’s hard to find. You can find it on but it’s over $30 used. You can’t buy it from the publisher either. But I review all books I read, not just the ones you can easily find.

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