Second Wind

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A book review of Second Wind: Decisions The Resilient Make to Overcome Adversity by J. Clint Schumacher

A book review of Second Wind: Decisions The Resilient Make to Overcome Adversity by J. Clint Schumacher

Stars: ****

Author Academy Elite (2021)
172 pages

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

Summary: You can overcome more than you think you can. You have a Second Wind. You likely know the feelings that come with the questions: Why did this have to happen to me? How can I make it through this? Do I have what it takes to overcome this hardship? Those feelings come from busted relationships, failed finances, health challenges, career derailment, disillusionment, or the many other obstacles that we encounter as we navigate daily life.

Endurance athletes know the power of the Second Wind. A magical reserve that springs from your core to carry you past where you had once believed you could go no further. A compelling force that allows you to keep putting one foot in front of the other. Second Wind deconstructs the tools used by the super-resilient and examines the decisions that they make. More importantly, the reader learns how to use these same tools and decisions to overcome the obstacles in their life.

Second Wind

Honestly I enjoyed this book more than I thought I would. So much so that I bookmarked some pages for my teenage daughter to read. I told her she should read the whole book though.

I especially enjoyed this quote:

“When training a muscle, it suffers micro-tears in the fibers, and the healing of those tears make a muscle stronger, and larger. Our lives are the same. The micro or macro tears leave us stronger, wiser and more emotionally resilient once they heal. Surviving one storm gives us the confidence to survive another.”

Second Wind pg 6

This explains how people who survive horrific events can keep going after all that has happened. Each event they make it through makes them stronger and more resilient.

The book is full of stories of different people (some famous) who have overcome obstacles or events that threatened to undo them. The chapters are broken up into decisions such as: Decide Obstacles are a Valuable Part of Life, Decide to Find Your Purpose or Decide to Remember Who You Are.

The book is for those who are trying to overcome any challenge from addition to a scary medical diagnosis to poverty to broken relationships to losing a child and more. So, whatever you are dealing with, this book can help. It really can. It’s not just a list of obvious things. Even the more obvious ones are explained in a great way.

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