Out of the Pantry

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Out of the Pantry: A Disordered Eating Journey by Robbi Robinson (a Memoir)

Out of the Pantry: A Disordered Eating Journey by Robbi Robinson (a Memoir)

Stars: ****

Juniper Drive Press (2020)
Eating Disorders
284 pages

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

Summary: Pre-teen Ronni is a seemingly normal girl growing up in the suburbs, until the day her mom hides cookies.  Soon after, Ronni has an unexplainable compulsion to eat more and more and more junk.

In secret and shame, she overeats and binges through tween years, high school, college, an abusive first marriage, and even a loving second marriage. Over thirty years, she steals food, eats food off of others’ plates, and scavenges food out of the trash, until one night, once again stuffed after a binge, on TV,  she hears the words “compulsive overeater.”

She searches and she learns she has an eating disorder, a mental illness, a disease. Armed with this knowledge she attacks her compulsion full throttle. She goes to therapy, Overeaters Anonymous meetings, read books, and namelessly blogs in an attempt to gain power over food.

A brutally honest glimpse into the trials, pervasive thoughts, and heartbreak of a compulsive overeater, discover how Ronni gains the courage and strength to live her life without being a slave to food.

Out of the Pantry

Ronni shares in this memoir what living for 30 years with binge-eating disorder/compulsive over-eating is like, how it developed and how she eventually found a way out.

She did a lot of research about compulsive overeating and she shared some of her findings in the book which I thought was really nice. For that reason I found this memoir more helpful than others. The titles of books she found helpful and websites you can go to are included at the back.

For Those Who Suffer from Compulsive Overeating

She was very lucky to have a supportive husband when she was healing. If you have no one supporting you, it will be a lot harder but you can still heal. If you have someone supporting you like Ronni did though, that would be so much better.

Final Thoughts

I think the memoirs about this disorder help those who don’t suffer to either understand someone they know and what they are going through OR to at least understand members of society that they don’t personally know but are out there. I love memoirs for this reason. I get to see how others live and what others are going through.

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