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A book review of Wired by Anastasia Suen

A book review of Wired by Anastasia Suen

Stars: ***

Charlesbridge (2007)
Children’s Nonfiction, Electricity
32 pages

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Summary: Humming, thrumming, power’s coming.

From the power plant to your house, electricity is on the move. In rhythmic text, Anastasia Suen breaks down the complex subject of electricity to its essential parts.

Paul Carrick’s three-dimensional illustrations help shed light on the subject.


This is technically a picture book but if it’s about real life things it’s still nonfiction to me. For a short 32 page picture book, Wired really goes into detail about how electricity works and the path it takes to get from the power plant all the way to your house.

Names are given to all the parts and I even learned new things about electricity and I’m an adult! Safety is also talked about near the end which I think is very important. You don’t want to read your child a book about electricity and they get so interested to they want to “try it out.”

Some of the explanation was a bit confusing but only because it was so in depth and it requires you to remember which part is which. I think this would make a great book for a youth leader, classroom teacher or homeschooling parent teaching about electricity.

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