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A book review of Solar Dividends: How Solar Energy Can Generate a Basic Income for Everyone on Earth by Robert Stayton

A book review of Solar Dividends: How Solar Energy Can Generate a Basic Income for Everyone on Earth by Robert StaytonStars: ****

Sandstone Publishing (2019)
Future Studies
124 pages

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

Summary: Imagine a world where poverty has been eliminated and global warming has been brought under control.
Imagine this can be done via a single program. Imagine that we can start on this today.
That’s the world envisioned by Solar Dividends, which puts forth a bold new plan—use solar energy to pay for unconditional basic incomes for everyone on the planet. The idea is simple: we set up solar panels for each person, sell the electricity the panels generate, and deliver the money as solar dividends to the person as their basic income, for the rest of their life.

This program won’t require tax money because the solar panels pay for themselves through the money they earn by generating electricity. The money won’t run out because the panels are maintained and replaced as needed. And we don’t have to wait for an international treaty because every country receives enough raw solar energy to set up their own program.

Solar energy gives us a new way to pay for basic incomes, and basic incomes give us a new reason to build solar energy. Combining these two big ideas will lift everyone out of economic insecurity, reduce the carbon emissions that drive climate change, and assemble a clean energy system that can sustain us indefinitely into the future—all with one program. Solar Dividends makes clear the practical steps to bring about this positive future.

Solar Dividends

I found the idea of Solar Dividends very interesting. More research needs to be put towards it to see if it is a viable option but it sounds good.

The book doesn’t just paint a picture of what life would be like in the future when this program is in place (Part 1). It also goes through each part, explaining how it would work and what the negative aspects might be. Part 2 has separate chapters that go through each part of it, answering your questions and even ones you might not have thought of. The final chapter goes over the math of the program for those who won’t accept that it might be a viable option without first seeing the math worked out.

I hope the author does well with this book and perhaps goes on TV shows to describe his idea as well because I think we need to seriously consider it. The idea is really well thought out, you can tell that this wasn’t just an idea that popped in the author ‘s head and he quickly wrote it down. He’s done his research and it’s properly referenced in notes if you want to look it up yourself.

I hope this becomes my kid’s futures.

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