Beauty Destroys the Beast by Amy Fleming

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A book review of Beauty Destroys the Beast by Amy Fleming

A book review of Beauty Destroys the Beast by Amy FlemingStars: ****

Hearthrose Image Consulting (2019)
208 pages

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

Summary: Beauty cuts to the heart, and our culture has chosen to listen to the heart, not the mind. It’s time to stand up and let our lights shine in a dark world.

What if the daughters of the king decided to use the talents, abilities, and gifts that He’d given them as individuals instead of coveting each others’ stuff?

What if … what if we all used the tools we were given because we finally dealt with the WHY? Beauty destroys the Beast isn’t another book about “how-to” get pretty.

This book deals with the layers of guilt and shame and fear that surround physical beauty and how physical beauty is given to us to use for Kingdom goals. 

Beauty Destroys the Beast

This book was almost exactly what I’ve been looking for. A book about Christian beauty and modesty that is realistic but biblical. The book starts off with a Once Upon a Time story which was unlike anything I’ve ever read before but illustrates the point of beauty and why God chose to make us beautiful (all of us that is.) A couple chapters later, one entitled What is Beauty For? drives the point home more.

There are tons of short chapters which makes reading it easier as you can do it in small chunks. Just some of the topics included are: what beauty is, what beauty is for, clothing, beautiful home, color, gifts, created for a purpose, self-worth, modesty/immodesty, headcoverings, becoming comfortable in your skin, exercise, skin/hair/nails, adornments, dressing for others, wardrobe and so much more.

The book isn’t just a rehashing of information I’ve read around the net or in other books about beauty or modesty. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot.

What Would Have Made it Better

The only thing that could make it better is the section on headcoverings. The chapter quotes scripture and then basically just says that the issue of headcoverings is controversial and that some don’t believe it to be taken literally while others call for a head covering everyday. The author says to prayerfully consider it and make a decision for yourself although to submit to your husband’s leadership on the matter if he has a preference. Then some suggestions for different types of coverings are given.

I felt let down with that chapter. I’m glad it ends with allowing us to make the choice but I would have liked more information on how the different groups interpret the Bible in the way that they do to help me make my choice.

Overall though, I highly recommend the book to all Christian women.

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