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A book review of The Biblical Clock: The Untold Secrets Linking The Universe and Humanity With God’s Plan by Daniel Friedmann with Dania Sheldon

A book review of The Biblical Clock: The Untold Secrets Linking The Universe and Humanity With God's Plan by Daniel Friedmann with Dania SheldonStars: ***

CreateSpace (2019)
394 pages

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

Summary: Science and religion have two seemingly opposing views of the universe’s biggest questions. But what if the real story told you they were both right? Vancouver, 2009. Physics engineer and CEO Daniel Friedmann loves solving problems. When the avid scientist dives deep into scripture, he’s faced with questions he feels compelled to answer: Is it possible to harmonize the scientific timeline for the development of the universe with the biblical timeline described in Genesis 1? How do the evolution of human history and prophecies surrounding the End of Days fit in? His quest for answers takes him and his nephew Seb on an incredible journey through the ages, discovering the lives and works of mystics, prophets, sages, philosophers, scientists and biblical commentators.

Follow Dan and Seb as they discover answers to some of the biggest questions in science and religion, including:-Does the six-day creation account actually link with science’s 13.8 billion-year timeline?- How do world history, Genesis, and the End of Days fit within the context of God’s Plan in heaven?- How can the appearance of life on Earth, as depicted by the fossil record, match the sequence and timing of life on Earth described in Genesis 1?- Do Genesis and the evolution of human history reveal the events and timing for the End of Days?- Are there texts predating modern science that describe the Big Bang and contain the scientifically calculated age of the universe?- And finally, is there a secret harmony resolving the creation-versus-evolution debate? The Biblical Clock is a fascinating and entertaining read, digging deep into the universe and solving its well-kept mysteries. 

The Biblical Clock

This book is technically book 4 of a series but can be read as a single book. I was very interested in a book that brings what science says and what God says together and shows them to be the same. The overall points the book was making was very interesting but I did have a hard time getting through the book.

First of all the book is written from a Jewish perspective, not a Christian which I didn’t realize. There is a LOT of talk about Judaism and the Kabballah and related subjects, many of which I didn’t fully understand.

Also the book jumped back and forth between stories from a really long time ago to stories more recently to current information. It might have just been me but I found myself confused.

I think I would have enjoyed a documentary about the topics covered in the book more. There were lots of words I didn’t know (and I have a large vocabulary) and topics I didn’t understand.

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