Deadly Invaders

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A book review of Deadly Invaders: Virus Outbreaks Around the World from Marburg Fever to Avian Flu by Denise Grady

A book review of Deadly Invaders: Virus Outbreaks Around the World from Marburg Fever to Avian Flu by Denise GradyStars: ****

Kingfisher Publications (2006)
128 pages

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Summary: An epidemic strikes the United States, plunging the country into chaos. New York Times medical reporter Denise Grady uses this terrifying scenario, taken from the pages of a U.S. government report on the potential outcome of a pandemic, as the starting point for a journey into the gripping world of emerging diseases.

In search of a better understanding of these often deadly diseases, Grady heads to Angola, the site of the 2005 Marburg virus epidemic, a disease closely related to Ebola. On the ground, and sometimes frighteningly close to victims of the disease, Denise explores the realities of health care in the developing world, and its potential effects on our own welfare. With supplemental sidebars that explain key scientific and social issues and in-depth chapters on the origins and spread of Marburg, avian flu, HIV, SARS, West Nile virus, hantavirus, and monkeypox, this is a fascinating look at the health dangers we face in a global society.

Deadly Invaders

This is a children’s nonfiction title designed for ages 12+ about viruses and deadly outbreaks. It mostly talks about Marburg Fever but also gives some information on other viral diseases such avian flu, HIV, SARS, West Nile Virus, hantavirus and monkey pox.

I have always found deadly viral outbreaks fascinating although obviously very horrible. They scare me too. I’m both intrigued AND scared. This was a nice introduction and reminded me of a book I read years ago all about mosquitos and mosquito borne illnesses like west nile and malaria.

The book is divided into a few sections. First is an introduction to the reader on viral outbreaks in general. Then the Marburg story is shared. The author travelled to Angola in Africa to get a first hand account of the epidemic and shares her visit, what she saw and what she learned. The last section gives a little background information on seven deadly diseases (the ones mentioned previously)

In the last section, for each of the diseases, the following information is given: when it was first recognised, region of origin, host animal, virus family, number of cases, number of deaths and outlook for the future. Then a bigger description a couple pages long is given about the disease. It was very interesting.

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