Dark Chains by LaTasha “Tacha B.” Braxton

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Dark Chains: a little girl’s journey through decades of pain by LaTasha “Tacha B.” Braxton

dark-chainsStars: *****

Create-Space (2018)
250 pages

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Summary:  Dark Chains is an inspirational and spiritual book about a misguided young girl who struggles to survive mental, emotional, and physical abuse. Plagued by decades of pain, mental illness and generational curses.

She enters a life without God at a young age, and finds herself infatuated with the idea of escaping and never returning to the abusive life she once was subjected, manipulated and conditioned to living in.

Dark Chains

I’ve read other memoirs of those raised in terrible conditions but LaTasha’s story was just appalling. Reading her story made me pray for those who have been or are still living in similar conditions. That’s how much it moved me.

While her story is horrible, her writing is wonderful. I could see her going on to write novels in later years because her writing is just that captivating. I fully think a publisher should take her in and have this published again. Not that she needs any help with writing, just that books tend to get more notice when not self published and her book needs notice. Others out there who are or have gone through similar things need to know they aren’t alone and they need to see how she managed to come out of it all with a positive outlook on life. They need to see it can get better.

I read her book in little spurts because while it was very interesting and well written it was also an upsetting subject so I could only take so much negative material in one sitting without affecting my mental health. Of course taking a break from reading also made me feel bad because the author couldn’t take a break from her life, not even once. But I still don’t recommend reading this all in one sitting for that reason. If you struggle with an abusive past or mental health disorders take care of yourself first and stop reading if it triggers you.

I seriously can’t believe how much she went through and that she is thriving now and has broken the abuse chains makes me feel hopeful for my life. If she can go through something that terrible and make it, so can I. (I suffer from mental illness and I’ve felt hopelessness.)

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