Not My Plan by Joyce Yexley

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Not My Plan: A Mother’s Unexpected Journey by Joyce Yexley

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notmyplanStars: *****

Westbow Press (2015)
115 Pages

Summary: As Joyce Yexley shows us in her journey of raising a daughter with special needs, she searches for something better. While struggling with her own inadequacies and fears, she discovers hope and strength in her new role as a grieving caregiver.

Joyce speaks to parents of children with special needs who yearn for something better than the doctor’s diagnosis. Join her as she searches for medical answers and spiritual truths that lead her to a better place with peace, joy, and God’s faithfulness.

This book was such an interesting read for such a little book. I’m not sure what it is that makes a memoir either a really interesting read vs. a boring account of someone’s life but this one is the former.

Joyce tells the story of her and her family’s life so well that it feels like you are a part of her family, living in her house and experiencing some of the same emotions she does. She is a really good storyteller, at least when it comes to her own life.

She isn’t just raising a daughter with special needs she is raising a daughter with many, many special needs, mental and physical. What a hard life her daughter had as a child and how her mother made it through with her mental state intact is a miracle in itself. Her daughter Amy IS a miracle.

I like how the book was separated into small chapter and each chapter separated into smaller sections. It made it easier to read.

I also really appreciate that she “finished” the story instead of leaving it hanging.

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