Quick Tips for Busy Families by Jay Payleitner

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Quick Tips for Busy Families: Sneaky Strategies for Raising Great Kids by Jay Payleitner

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Quick Tips for Busy Families

Stars: ****

Bethany House (2017)
237 pages

Summary: Believe it or not, your kids are counting on you to unshackle them from their screens and engage them with the family. You can do it! By rescuing a boring afternoon. Making chores fun. Teaching mad skills and spellbinding life lessons. And finding fresh joy in road trips, holidays, and the daily routines of life. Family advocate and father of five, Jay Payleitner has gathered 144 simple secrets you can use.

Quick Tips for Busy Families

This book is broken down into 144 chapters with 144 ideas which makes it easy to read with distracting kids running around or in short breaks such as when you run away to the bathroom for a few seconds alone.

The tips run the gamut from tips for dealing with behaviour to making fun with your kids to education to spiritual discussions.

The shortest one is one paragraph long while the longest one is just 2 full pages. It makes perfect bathroom reading material.

Some of the tips are things you probably already know. Jay even says in the introduction that some are gentle reminders of thing you already know.

As mentioned Quick Tips for Busy Families is Christian in origin so the bible is quoted a few times and the religion is mentioned. That said, if a non Christian stumbled upon the book it is possible to read the book and alter things for what they believe. In other words, it’s not overtly Christian.

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