Present: How One Woman Pulled the Plug … by Keri Mae Lamar

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Full Title: Present: How One Woman Pulled the Plug on Distraction to Connect with Real Life

A Happy Home Media (2015)
151 pages
Faith/Memoir ?

I purchased this book myself because I saw a review of it on a blog and liked it so much I had to have it. Unfortunately I can’t remember which blog it was! (Note to self: next time, write it down!)

I love being connected but sometimes I’m connected too much and I wanted to read about how it’s possible to unplug, at least some of the time and really enjoy life again.

This book follows Keri’s thoughts and choices as she realizes how obsessed she is with being connected and how it’s taking away from really living life through the ways she cuts back on electronics and plugs into life instead.

“Regretfully, I had allowed trivial technological entertainments to dull my mind and steal from my days. Worse, I had effectively silenced the little girl inside, mocking her attempts to invite me to play. When the media noise died down, she began speaking about how she was and who she still wanted to become. And I began to listen.” – pg 52-53

Although the book is written by a woman of faith and God and scripture are mentioned, it wasn’t overwhelmingly religious and so would be fine for the average person who isn’t necessarily religious but feels the need to unplug.

I’m glad I purchased the book and if I feel like I’m getting to wrapped up in my electronics again I think I’ll start rereading it as a reminder.

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