Books About Jobs for Kids, Teens and Adults #EntertainmentHOP

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In Honour of Labour Day/Labor Day I bring you a roundup of books about jobs.

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Books About Jobs for Kids, Teens and Adults

Books About Jobs For Kids

Jobs People Do

Jobs People Do is a book by DK that illustrates with pictures some typical jobs such as firefighter, farmer, vet, builder, diver, policeman, nurse, postman and baker. The pages show how they are dressed for their job and explains some of their duties.

The Berenstain Bears Jobs Around Town

I love the Berenstain Bears! Jobs Around Town is the story of Brother and Sister looking for the perfect job.

Books About Jobs for Teens

A Teen’s Guide to Finding a Job

A Teen’s Guide to Finding a Job is a “resource to empower teens to make independent and knowledgeable career decisions. This guide teaches teens to: Discover where the jobs are. Fill out an employment application that will get attention. Overcome the fear of talking to hiring officials. Seal the deal, and much more!”

Books About Jobs For Adults

Nurses: The Human Touch

This book is out of date but it was still a good read and you can read my review on the blog for Nurses: The Human Touch to see my thoughts.

One Child

This is the heartbreaking story of a teacher and one little girl. The teacher and author of the book Torey Hayden rescues a young girl from herself after she commits a crime and is given up on by everyone else. You can read my review of One Child.

Confessions of a GP

This is the British tale of a General Practitioner and all the ups and downs that go with it. My review of Confessions of a GP goes through the book more.

My First Year as a Teacher

This is the story of a teacher’s first year of teaching and what it was like. I found the stories very interesting. My review of My First Year as a Teacher says that I recommend it for anyone wanting to be a teacher or get an inside view of what it’s like.

See Mom Run

What about the life of a mom blogger? See Mom Run is “a collection of essays by the nation’s most talented authors, mom bloggers, television producers, parenting experts, entrepreneurs, grandmothers and even a retired senator!” See what I thought in my See Mom Run review.

Gig : Americans Talk about Their Jobs

I’ve not read Gig: Americans Talks About Their Jobs but it looks like a good read if you want to read stories from a variety of different jobs. It’s rated at almost 5 stars on Amazon, a good sign!

Addicted to Life: Memoirs of an EMT and Deputy Coroner

Addicted to Life is another books I haven’t had the pleasure of reading but fits with the theme as it’s the story of an EMT and Coroner. It’s rated 5 stars on Amazon.

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