Ebook Piracy

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I had no idea e-book piracy was a problem but then again, it makes sense. Movies are pirated, music is pirated, why not ebooks? Piracy means selling or giving away illegal copies. Some people might not understand that making a copy of an ebook and giving it to a friend is illegal but it’s just as illegal as copying an ebook and selling it online.

I remember the time before e-books and I’m only 30. When they first started becoming a thing, I thought it was a neat concept, however I much preferred to read a “real” book. My opinion has stayed mostly the same. I do read some e-books however I only read e-books about blogging and social media topics and only on my computer. I don’t use an e-reader or tablet.  I would never read fiction in a e-book (although obviously I don’t read much fiction.)

Though they might not be my first choice, many people love ebooks. If we want them to continue, we need to stop ebook piracy. Even if you have never copied a book, you also need to make sure any ebooks you acquire were not illegally distributed. You are best to purchase your ebooks from a well known website such as Amazon.com.

Check out this infographic on ebook piracy and let me know what you think in the comments. Do you read ebooks? Where do you get your ebooks from? Are you concerned about ebook piracy?


Who’s Stealing Ebooks? [Infographic] by the team at Whoishostingthis

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