Self Hypnosis and Subliminal Technology, by Eldon Taylor

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Stars: 3
Hay House (2012)
202 Pages

Summary: A How-to Guide for Personal Empowerment Tools You Can Use Anywhere!  This book takes a look at Hypnosis and Subliminal Communication as tools for personal growth. The author discusses the history of hypnosis and subliminal communication and gives the reader a look at ways in which we can use these to reprogram our mind for success. Includes a CD to accompany the book to make the discovery of the methods in the book something practical to be experienced.  The book is arranged into two main sections both Hypnosis and Subliminal Communication with a scientific approach to understanding our mind and the technology to make it happen.

You may have some reservations when it comes to the idea of hypnosis and subliminal communication because of the associations with a lack of control and the idea that someone could have some sort of domination over you.  As with anything however it can be used for good or bad purposes and this book takes a look at the positive implications that these Technologies of the Mind can have for us.

This book is designed as a “course” that you have to go through.  You must complete one section before going on to the next.  There are tracks on the accompanying CD that you should listen to as you progress through the opportunity to experience Hypnosis and Subliminal Communication.  This is not my preferred way to start reading a book. I want to keep reading. The focus on the science behind it and the history of how this technology has been used in the past was interesting and that kept me reading near the end of the book. A historical overview of Subliminal uses and its surrounding controversy is covered from the Judas Priest trial to modern day studies with corporate logos and the effect they have on our consciousness whether we are aware of it or not.

I am familiar with the purpose and methods of Hypnosis so much of the book is a good introduction and the accompanied CD allows one who wishes to go through the book in order a chance to experience Hypnosis for themselves and sets one up to learn how to create their own hypnosis programs.  If your serious about learning this it is very interesting if you are only casually interested then the material may require some skimming over.

The suggestions for scripts are written out in full which I found myself skipping over because I wanted to read the book all at once. If you do not have the means to record your own script then this becomes a downside to use this.  Although I was interested in the history the book was not designed in such a way that I really made use of the material in the end.