Chicken Soup For the Soul: I Can’t Believe My Dog/Cat Did That

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Chicken Soup for the Soul (2012)

For the cat or dog lover in your life, these books are the best present. If you love animals, you love reading stories about the crazy, funny and heroic antics of your pet of choice.

I read I Can’t Believe My Dog Did That and have been laughing out loud. A few times I couldn’t stop snickering for a while. I still snicker when I think of the dog that was shut in the laundry room when they went out and they came back to find him in the washing machine.

Most of the stories are funny or amazing but there was at least one heartbreaking one. I was not prepared for that and was deeply upset. I would have preferred it wasn’t included or at least had a warning before it. Otherwise the rest of the stories were great and I gifted the cat one to a cat lover friend.

As is common with Chicken Soup  books, the stories are separated into chapters but the chapter names are not very descriptive so it was still “blind” reading.

Are You a Dog Person or a Cat Person?

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