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Summary: There are blogs about everything these days, and inspiration for your next post can strike at any moment! Having this little journal handy for jotting down your ideas in popular blog style will help you remember to update and post the next time you’re near a computer.

The book is divided in to sections.

Section One – Bookmarks

Keep track of your favourite blogs to read or find inspiration on. Include their name and/or url, blogger name and/or topic and a rating out of 5 stars. Use it to make sure you comment on your favourite blogs often, to check back and see what’s new or anything else. If you keep the book in your purse and you are recommending a blog to someone, you would have the url on hand. There are eight pages with 15 lines each for a total of 120 so you won’t running out of room to list your favourite blogs any time soon!

I’ll be using it to list the blogs from my favourite online blogging groups to make sure I stop in and comment. I might also make note of which ones have Comment Luv.

Section Two – Quick Brainstorms

Ever had a blog idea when you weren’t near your computer? Keep this book handy and you can write down these ideas in section two. Include date, idea, where the inspiration came from if applicable and when you’ve written and posted it so you know which ones are current. There are six pages with 15 lines each for a total of 90 ideas.

I’ll be using it to keep track of ideas whether I’m near the computer or not because I am usually doing something else when inspiration strikes and then I forget later.

Section Three – Categories and Keywords

This section is for keeping track of the categories you regularly blog about and keywords associated with those categories. After you figure them out, remember to use them regularly, especially in post titles to make the most out of SEO. There are six pages with 15 lines each for a total of 90 categories!

I’ll be using it to do just that. I need to keep SEO in mind more and I think I’d have more luck with post titles if I had this as a reference.

Section Four – Comments to Remember

When your blog is new, you await every new comment and rejoice when you get one. Once your blog is more popular though, comments become more regular and if you liked one comment, it’s hard to go back and find it another time. This is a neat section where you can copy down your favourite comments to look back at later. There are eight pages with four spots on each page for a total of 32.

I’ll be using this to not only document comments from readers but also messages from PR and companies thanking me for working with them. Then I can go back and look at it when I need reminding that I’m doing good work.

Section Five – Blog Journal

This is the biggest section in the book. If you want to not only jot down an idea for a blog post but actually start writing it and you aren’t near your computer, you can use this section. Whether you write the whole post or just start it off, you can then type it up at a later day. You can enter in Post Title, Category/Tag, Keywords, Post Text, References and Image

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