Likeable Social Media by Dave Kerpen

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Stars: ★★★★★

Subtitle: How to Delight Your Customers, Create an Irrestistible Brand, and Be Generally Amazing on Facebook (and other social networks)

Summary: The secret to successful word-of-mouth marketing on the social web is easy: be likeable. Likeable Social Media provides 18 strategies for creating an authentic “brand personality” through Facebook and other social media platforms.source

After reading this book, I feel as though I know more than some companies about how best to approach and work with social media.  As a blogger, it doesn’t all apply to me but what doesn’t, I still found interesting.

You know those people who follow you on twitter and when you look at their stream to see if you want to follow them back their stream is FULL of self-promotion. It’s all “buy from me” and “check out my website.” Do you follow them back? I don’t.

It’s things like this that I learned in Likeable Social Media. Here is what else you can learn:


  1. Listen First, and Never Stop Listening
  2. Way Beyond “Women 25 to 54”: Define Your Target Audience Better Than Ever
  3. Think – and Act – Like Your Consumer
  4. Invite Your Customers to Be Your First Fans
  5. Engage: Create True Dialogue with, and Your Customers
  6. Respond Quickly to All Bad Comments
  7. Respond to the Good Comments, Too
  8. Be Authentic
  9. Be Honest and Transparent
  10. Should You Ask a Lot of Questions?
  11. Provide Value (Yes, for Free!)
  12. Share Stories (They’re Your Social Currency!)
  13. Inspire Your Customers to Share Stories
  14. Integrate Social Media into the Entire Customer Experience
  15. Use Social Network Ads for Greater Impact
  16. Admit When You Screw Up, Then Leverage Your Mistakes
  17. Consistently Deliver Excitement, Surprise, and Delight.
  18. Don’t Sell! Just Make it Easy and Compelling for Customers to Buy.

Conclusion: Just Be Likeable

Also the Appendix has a refresher course to the most common social media websites in case you aren’t sure what they are for or how they work. It includes Facebook, Twitter, YouTube,  Foursquare (US only), LinkedIn, Blogging and a small intro to Flickr, Myspace, Yelp and a few others.

Bloggers will get some good information from this book and those who are also business owners will find it the most useful, even small business or consultant type businesses like Tupperware, Scentsy and Regal.

Be sure to check out Likeable Social Media Blog and LSM on Facebook for more helpful articles and information.

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