The Handbook of Love: A Guide to You Love Life by Bruce L. Thompson Jr.

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Stars: ***

Summary: Poetic Prose about love in it’s many forms. 

To me this books seems like a cross between poetry and affirmations about love. Each chapter is about a different type of love.

Chapters all start with “Love is” and finish with words such as the Revolution, the Battle, the Power, the Correction, Life, the Choice, the Crime, the Fire, the Dream.

I never really thought about the author being a male till I read the back of the book and saw that is said:

“He wanted to write a book about love from a man’s perspective; to help restore a more healthier image of today’s man.”

Now that I think about it, it was refreshing to read about love in it’s purest form and not about the sappy emotional love that women often refer too.

“Love’s freedom makes free hearts dance!
Love is freedom’s dance!
Love is freedom’s stance!
Love’s freedom is singing a song from your heart to the ones you love!
“Freedom’s song is … love is still free!
Love’s freedom takes you out of the box and into the unknown.
Love’s freedom gives you the right to express yourself, whether it is right or wrong!”

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