Courtesy Bootcamp by Anthonette Klinkerman

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Stars: ***

Anthonette Klinkerman considers herself the mobile etiquette school. She does courses on etiquette now she has a book. The book is only available through her website currently.

The book is a quick read at 56 pages but this makes it easy to look up a certain section for a quick reminder of what it says.

I’m sure we all think we know the rules of etiquette but sometimes we forget the basics as our life gets busy and we cut corners to get things done.

There are 21 chapters in this 56 page book covering everything such as: Attire & Grooming, Cell Phones & Electronics, Driving, Job Interviews, Gum Chewing, Table Manners, Netiquette, Thank You notes, profanity, Responding to invites, at the movies and more!

You have a chance to win this book in the NYNR giveaway at Callista’s Ramblings until Jan 23.

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