Armchair BEA 2011 – Blogging About Blogging

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For the last day of Armchair BEA we are talking about blogging. This isn’t my only blog, I also blog at I’ve been more serious over there lately and working on that one more and will be purchasing my own domain and probably moving to WordPress soon. I’ve been doing lots of reading about blogging and I wanted to share the blogs/websites that I subscribe to, to keep me on top of the blogging world. If you are aspiring to have your blog more professional, you will want to check these out. Even if you aren’t, many of the sites have posts about basic blogging too.

After each blog I feature a post or two I enjoyed.

Blogging With Amy
“What is Good Traffic”
“How to Choose a Domain Name: 10 Tips”

Business Blogging – How to Build a Better Blog
“What is the Best Way to Increase Subscribers To Your Blog?” – mainly for wordpress users
“Do You Know Which Social Networking Site Sends You the Most Traffic?”

“How Twitter Makes You a Better Writer” – great points!
“5 Grammatical Errors That Make You Look Dumb”

Daily Blog Tips
“How to Fake It Till You Make It” – Guest post but awesome advice for new bloggers

“How I Get Things Done” – productivity tips

“9 Ways to Better Protect Your Blog” – Guest post – very important info!

Traffic Generation Cafe
“Blog Post Images That Will Rock Your World and Where to Find Them”
– great ideas

Viral Mom  –
“3 Steps to Getting Started in Guest Blogging” – For those who’ve never guest posted

Two Hour Blogger
“8 Warning Signs Your Next Post Won’t Get Comments” – not as relevant to book bloggers but has good points
“The Shocking Guide to Incredible Productivity” – how to get more done

Enjoy Reading!!

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