What I Do With The Books I Receive for Review When I’m Done

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I do various things with the books I receive:

  • A select few I keep.
  • Some are passed on to friends and family.
  • Some are donated to the Public Library.
  • Some are brought into my local playgroup for other parents to pick through.
  • And some are donated to my children’s school library.
I don’t have the money to giveaway my personal stash whether as a blog giveaway or to other book reviewers or even BookMooch like some other bloggers do.
I decide what to do with the book based on what book it is. If it has a very specific focus I donate it to the public library so it can help as many people as possible. The parenting and fiction books I get go to playgroup. The children’s nonfiction and picture books go to the school library.
Well today I received a nice letter in the mail I’d like to share:

Dear Mrs ___________,

On behalf of **school name**, we would like to extend a very hearty thank you for the donation of books that you have provided to our school’s library. We are certain the students will enjoy reading the books.

We sincerely would like to thank you for your donation as our school is in an area where today’s economic times have created added stress on our families. While **school name** does everything we can to help support the need of our community, your donation allows us to make an even greater contribution. 

Your time, energy and kindness are greatly appreciated. Thank you for thinking of our students and for your support! Your donation will be put to good use.


Mr. __________

I’m not sharing the letter to brag but because it means so much to me that I want to encourage others who receive children’s books to review to donate to a school library and because I want those that sent me the review books to know where they are going.
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