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Here are some book related news and fun articles I found floating around the net. All text is quotes from the articles.  I will post more book news as I so choose.


Is Deep Reading in Trouble?
While Mueller loves sitting down with a good book, she may represent a vanishing breed. There is some concern in literary circles that, even though electronic readers grow increasingly popular and book sales are still strong, many people are finding it difficult to sit alone with one book and simply read to comprehend.

Children’s or Young Adult Fiction

Harry Potter Plagiarism Case Thrown Out of US Court
A plagiarism case brought against author JK Rowling has been dismissed in the US, after a judge ruled that comparing the two books involved “strains credulity”.

I Read a Young Adult Novel. It Was Better Written and More Exciting Than Most Adult Fiction I See
It started with Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project. She loved reading children’s books and wondered if other adults did too. […] So I thought I’d have what they’re having. I chose If I Stay, published in 2009, mostly because it is a monster success.


No Publisher Should “Edit” Mark Twain’s Novels
Mark Twain’s novels are about to be bloodied. As a novelist, I understand, object and feel compelled to protest.


Dick King-Smith (Author of Sheep-Pig, the basis of the film Babe)
Dick King-Smith, who has died aged 88, was one of the most delightful of children’s authors, from one of the most unlikely backgrounds. Enormously successful and popular – especially with The Sheep-Pig (1983), which was adapted into film in 1995 as Babe – he came to writing for children late in life, after two previous careers, in both of which he always claimed to have been a complete failure.

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