The Adventures of Medical Man: Kids’ Illnesses and Injuries Explained by Dr. Michael Evans & David Wichman

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Stars: ****

Annick Press (2010)
Children’s Nonfiction
Ages: 11+
72 pages

Summary: Learn about nut allergies, concussions, broken bones, strep throat, ear infections and asthma in a fun way. It’s like a comic book and regular book all rolled into one. 

I’m not a big comic fan but this isn’t a comic book. There are comic type illustrations (by Gareth Williams) throughout the book and the story on Strep Throat is a full fledged comic but that’s it. This is a great way for reluctant readers to learn more about common illnesses and injuries. The stories are short and broken up with the illustrations and they aren’t all fiction or all nonfiction, but a mixture of both so it’s like reading nonfiction in a story. The nut allergy one is the longest but it’s broken up into episodes with the other stories in between them.

I’m not sure why the authors chose those six ailments but they were interesting and although I thought I knew the basics, I did learn a little bit more than I already knew.

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