Draw Plus Math: Enhance Math Learning Through Art Activities by Freddie Levin

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Stars: *****

Peel Productions 2010
For ages 6 and up

Summary: Your child can learn math skills while having fun drawing.

My eldest child is not quite five but she loves math and drawing so she had fun going through this book with me.

Each lesson has a colour drawing and either a bunch of questions to figure out or some new information to impart. It suggests writing your answers down but we just figured them out together since my children are younger and I wanted it to be less like school work.  Then it shows you how to draw it for yourself and then answer some questions about the one you made.

I can see this book will get more use in the coming few years as my girls are better at following drawing directions. They’ve been opening the book on their own and attempting to follow the drawings. Even my 3 year old tries it. 

Concepts covered: numbers, counting, adding, subtracting, relative amount, sets or groups, one to one correspondence, shapes, symmetry, patterns, sorting, relative position, sequence, fractions, data analysis and graphs.

Look for Draw Plus Science and Draw Plus More Math in 2011!

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