Bipolar and Pregnancy

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A book review of Bipolar and Pregnancy by Donna Merrill

Stars: ***

Lulu (2008)
128 pages

Summary: It is estimated that 5.4 million adults in the US are diagnosed with bipolar. Yet, there is surprisingly little (or conflicting) information on treating women for bipolar during pregnancy in ways that prevent birth defects. This guide, Bipolar and Pregnancy, is essential for anyone with bipolar who is pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant. Donna Lynn Merrill, the author, writes candidly about her own experience with pregnancy and bipolar and how she almost lost custody of her child because of it. This is a practical guide full of useful tips to help develop good treatment plans for any person with a mental illness, but especially pregnant women with bipolar.

Bipolar and Pregnancy

I read this book because I have Bipolar and I have children. I had 2 children before I was properly diagnosed although I knew I had mental illness. So when I was pregnant with #3, I decided to read this book to see if it had any insight.

I feel like I knew most of what it said since I’d already gone through two pregnancies with mental illness. However if you are pregnant with your first child or are considering having kids and you have Bipolar, this will be a helpful book.

It covers the basics of Bipolar, how that will affect your pregnancy and how to prepare for possible issues during pregnancy and postpartum. You can find the book at the LuLu site.

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