Backpacker: Predicting Weather – The Great Camping Event – Day 9

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It’s Day 9! Time to talk weather….

BACKPACKER: Predicting Weather: Forecasting, Planning & Preparing by Lisa Densmore

Stars: ****

Summary: The basics of forecasting the weather when out on the trail and what to do to manage in that weather.

This book is made for backpackers but a good portion of it is helpful to any campers. This is one book in a series related to the Backpacker magazine.

I’ve always been interested in weather and clouds. I have a collection of cloud photos as a matter of fact. I think it is an important skill to be able to see what kind of weather is coming when you are camping so you aren’t running around putting stuff away when it starts raining. If you know rain is coming, you have time to put stuff away, make sure your tent guy lines are tight, take out your rain gear and do any activities you need sunshine for. For backpackers it’s of course even more important as they are closer to nature and usually more secluded. Where I camp, if it’s a really bad storm, I can go into the washroom building to take cover. Backpackers cannot do that.

Weather Basics (Ingredients of Weather)
Reading the Sky (Clouds)
Figuring Out Fronts (Warm Front vs Cold Front)
Dew, Frost and Fog (The difference and what to keep in mind)
Local Effects (Mountains, Valleys, Large Bodies of Water, Snowfields/Glaciers, Alpine Zones, Deserts,
Beat the Chill (Cold Weather – how to dress, what gear to use, how to stay warm)
Cool It (Hot Weather – how to dress, what gear to use, how to stay cool)
Weathering Wind (Winds from different directions, wind chill)
Extreme Weather (Storms, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Hail, Sleet/Freezing Rain and Flash Floods)
Lore or Likely (Weather lore and if it’s true or not!)

I will be studying this book until I’ve memorized the clouds and other signs of poor weather.

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