Where I’ve Been and Bloggiesta

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First of all, sorry for not posting much lately. May and June are really busy for me and I haven’t had a chance to do much blogging.

I hope to have some new stuff up soon but in the meantime, check out some of these old posts:

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Also, Bloggiesta is coming up next weekend (June 11-13).

For those that don’t know, Bloggiesta is a blog marathon. It was created by a book blogger but any blogger is welcome. Click on the link above to find out more information but you can do whatever blogging you need to do and you can win prizes!

I’ve been waiting since the January Bloggiesta ended for this one and of course it ends up being on a weekend I’m away camping with Girl Guides. However I’m going to do my best to make it work. I’m going to do as much as Friday as I can and work on some blog planning at camp on good ole paper with pen. Maybe I’ll draft some blog posts too if I can. Then Sunday after I come home I’ll do some more, even if it doesn’t count. So I’ll post an update probably twice on Friday and Once or twice on Sunday.

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