Tell Me a Story 3: Women of Wonder: Stories by Amy Friedman (Review and Opinion on Audio Books)

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This week is Audiobook Week at Devourer of Books. I said I’d participate by sharing a audio book review. This has turned into more of a post on why audio books aren’t for me.

Warning: I don’t like audio books. I’ve listened to two in my entire life. So consider this an audiobook review from a non-audiobook reader.

Stars: ***

Stories: Amy Friedman
Music: Laura Hall
Part of a trilogy of kid’s stories from Universal Press Syndicate

Summary: Legendary heroines and goddesses seek and struggle, win and lose, laugh and cry in magical stories and marvelous music from around the world.

Disclaimer: I did not finish this book. I normally wouldn’t review a book I don’t finish but since I didn’t finish it because of me, and not because it was bad, I still wanted to tell my readers about it.

The only other audio books I’ve listened to was Heidi on an ipod. It was a free download and I really enjoyed the book but I had seen the movie and knew I liked the storyline at least.

When I was offered to review this audio book CD, I was going to say no as I don’t listen to audio books but I liked that it was about heroines and goddesses and figured since it was children’s stories, they would be short and I could handle it. So I said yes. That was quite some time ago and I just kept putting off listening to it and putting it off some more. I finally tried listening to it during the last readathon because I’m often busy with something else and can’t read so I figured this would be a good idea. I forced myself to listen to one story and couldn’t anymore.

Audio books just aren’t for me. There was nothing wrong the story and Amy Friedman’s voice was pleasant. I just find it really hard to imagine what it happening when someone else is telling the story. I was never fond of read-aloud stories unless I had a book to follow along with as well. I prefer to hold the story in my hand and read it at my own pace. That’s one reason why I don’t like audio books. I read fast. Really fast. Audio books sound like they are speaking like a snail to me. By the time they get the sentence out, I’ve forgotten what was being talked about.

This is a good story. Women of Wonder won the 2010 Audie for best original work. You can find out the name and synopsis of the stories on the CD at Myths and Tales.

Let  this be a lesson to me, no more audio books.

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