A Birthday Cake Is No Ordinary Cake by Debra Frasier

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Stars: ****

Harcourt Children’s Books (2006)
Picture Book
40 pages
Ages 4-8

Summary: This book teaches the concept of how the Earth moves around the sun and each time it does that is one year. So to make your birthday cake – it takes all year and ingredients such as sunshine, snow, grass, leaves, sound of a red robin singing, etc.

By the author of On The Day Your Were Born, is this book about birthdays that focuses on something other than presents and parties. It’s a science lesson and fun book all rolled into one.

Debra Frasier does her own illustrations and they are all made with bright bold colours which really captured my children’s interests.

A quote:

“The Earth spins eastward toward the Sun to make morning, then spins away, making night. One complete spin equals one complete day! No spinning. No cake. So hold on, bakers! We’re riding the Earth in a great spinning circle around the sun from your birthday to your NEXT birthday, because every circle around the sun equals one.”

This would be a good book for a teacher or homeschooler and there are even science activities available online. 

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