Armchair BEA: Interview with Felicia of Geeky Blogger’s Book Blog

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Armchair BEA is for those of us who can’t attend BEA (Book Expo America) or BBC (Book Blogger Convention) for real.

In honour of Armchair BEA, I go to interview a fellow book blogger. I interviewed Felicia of Geeky Blogger’s Book Blog.

Can you tell me a little bit about what your home life is like? Significant Other? Kids? House? Apartment? Urban? Rural? 

My name is Felicia, 38 years old (young), single, and have 2 very lovable yet exact opposite of each other dogs.  I live right outside of a metropolitan area in the “burbs”.  It is a nice quiet community and I love my house just because of the huge backyard! Most of my life revolves around my family, friends, and dogs.

When you are not blogging, what are you doing? 

Oh gosh so very little of my life is actually blogging (though I love it)!  Most of the time, I am reading, playing WOW (world of warcraft), going to book signings, attending meetups from, hanging with friends, or watching TV (which I do a lot of—my friends and family call me a walking IMDB-Internet Movie Database).

I see you review a lot of Paranormal Romance. I personally don’t read that genre so I’m curious, what do you like about it? If you were trying to sell me the genre, what would you say?  

I probably wouldn’t try to sell anyone on any genre.  That is the fantastic thing about the wide range of books offered these days, everyone can find at least one that speaks to them.  Most of them overlapping with others, so you are never limited in your reading options.  As with most readers though, I tend to read several different genres and often at once.  My main is PNR but I also read quite a bit of non-fiction, historical romance, and mystery/thrillers.  I think what I like (LOVE) about PNR is it combines all my favorite fiction genres: romance, mystery/thriller, and paranormal settings.  However, if there is a good story, I will read it.  

How did you choose the name Geeky Blogger? Why do you consider yourself a geek?  

I am a professional geek!  I actually work in the information technology field, play World of Warcraft in my spare time, can wax on and on about most things Microsoft (hey it is what pays my bills), and even way back in high school competed in UIL events such as Math Studies and Journalism.  I love and embrace the fact that I am geek, nerd, “insert whatever you want to call it here”.  My other nickname is The History Chic (which is also geeky) but I have used that for years in the history groups I belong too (yep I go to Renaissance Faires and even dress up when I attend).

How do you like your Kindle? How long have you had it? Do you use it more often than reading regular books? 

I *heart* my Kindle. I got it about this time last year (May 2009).  I could go on and on about how it has enhanced my reading experience for hours.  Basically, for me, it is a fantastic way to keep my library with me most of the time. Since I am a multi-reader, I always have choices without lugging around 4 to 5 books at a time.  Even when I don’t have my Kindle with me (which is rare), I have a Kindle app on my phone and they sync with each other.  I basically bought one because I don’t have a lot of storage space for books and needed a workable solution to that problem.  I am one of those people that “re-read” books, so not keeping them was not an option.  The kindle made it easy for me to keep all my favorite series.  Of course, it created a “it is to easy to buy books” problem but I am working on that.  As far as reading “regular” books–I mostly don’t unless I win them or they are not offered on Kindle.  I do still by “paper” books when I want to collect them, want them signed, or want the hardback version of them.  I don’t really buy that many paperbacks anymore though.

I’ve never read any Jane Austen and have no intention to do so. What made you pick up one of her books? What do you like about her style? 

I grew up in a really small town with a really limited library.  This was the 70’s and early 80’s so most of the books were very strong male role models with women filling the “supportive” roles.  Austen was the first author I read (assigned in school or picked up in the library-can’t remember which came first) that had strong, opinionated, forceful women that did not play a supportive roles in their own lives.  They could have romances, take a stand, push for what they wanted, and still have rich fulfilling relationships with people in their lives. I have since read many books that have strong female characters but she is the one I hold near and dear to my heart.

I see from your Good Reads that you read a lot of books at once like me. Do you have certain types of books that you only read before bed, or a book that is only for when you are out and about or anything like that? Or do you just sit down to read and pick a random book from your reading pile? 

I am very random!  I always have several books started at once because I read what I am in the mood for.  I have audiobooks to listen to while at work, 2 to 3 different books going on my kindle, and then if someone mentions a book that I think I might be interested in, I could read the first few chapters.  I have always read like that since I was young.  With the rare exception, I very seldom sit down and read a book cover to cover unless it is one that have been waiting to come out or it just “hooks” me. 

Tell me about your dogs. 

My dogs are my children.  I have a 13 (almost 14) year old pug who was a rescue from a puppy mill.  She has been a part of my life for 12 years and is just the best snobby brat on the planet.  Tonks (yes named from Harry Potter) is a Lab/Pyrenees mix (120 pounds) and is the sweetest dog on the planet.  When I got her she was 7.7 pounds and then she just spurted up to a 120 while I was paying attention.  She is most like me–a little bit clumsy, very curious, and sometimes can be the laziest thing on the planet.  She loves her mom though :)

On one of your other blogs, Bits N Bytes of a Geeky Blogger , you do a weekly meme called Tasty Tuesdays. I’ve enjoyed the recipes although I haven’t tried any yet. Do you like to cook? What are a few of your favorite meals? 

I love to cook and when I joined Weight Watchers, I found that I could eat more if I cooked it myself.  I am all about good food!  I am subscribed to a huge amount of magazines just for the recipes.  I love fish, chicken, beef, veggies, and learning to love fruits.  I also like simple meals though and find that you don’t always have to spend large amounts of time in the kitchen to whip up a good meal :) My favorite meal is Talipia Fish Tacos with avocado and pico.  It is quick, filling, and good for you (though it tastes like it is a cheat meal)!  I love it!

How long have you been blogging and which blog did you start first? What made you want to start blogging? 

I started Bits N Bytes of a Geeky Blogger (previously named Confessions of a Geeky Blogger) in July of 2006, it was a way of dealing with a bunch of transitions going on in my life: a breakup, buying a house, transitions at my old job, and really trying to carve where I fit in the world.  My travel blog started after I went overseas the first time and everyone wanted to know what I was seeing.  This was a way to keep my family/friends up to date on my travels.  Then my book blog started in Jan 2009, the first time I signed up for the 100 book challenge.  I just needed a way to keep up with what I read and blogging is something I am very comfortable with :)  I am in the process of “branding” all my blogs though they are hobbies so I am not as stressed over that as maybe I should be.  I just like really cool layouts.  So far my book blog has been done and my personal blog is in the process of being re-done.  I am lucky I found a designer that gets me!

Thanks for the great questions!  I had a great time answering them.

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