Till Sex Do Us Part: Make Your Married Sex Irresistable by Dr. Trina E. Read, D.H.S. + Giveaway

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This week is all about SEX! You can read more here but check back every day this week for reviews and giveaways.

 Stars: ****1/2

Summary: Cliché has it that, once the I do’s are spoken the sex-life slowly diminishes. Dr. Trina Read presents a brilliantly simple explanation for this unfortunate phenomenon, as well as the key to ending the cycle of diminished sexual connection between married couples. Read contends that married women must learn to have married-woman sex, instead of insisting on pursuing the same single-woman sexual patterns they once knew.

I came across the author’s website because I’m a member of the Yummy Mummy Club which has articles by Dr. Trina Read. Through her website I found out about her book and was intrigued so I asked about a review copy and here we are.

Although not officially married, I’ve been together with my significant other almost 6 years and common law since January 2006. We consider ourselves married. I will openly admit that your sex life changes when you’ve been married from what it was like when you were dating or even newly a couple. If you too are a married woman of more than 3 years, you most likely agree.

Dr. Trina Read is an expert on women’s sexuality. She’s a sex coach (not sex therapist) who conducts seminars around the world. She has authored other books and is a columnist for Mompreneur magazine, HitchedMag.com, ParentsConnect.com and makes regular TV and radio appearances. So basically what I’m saying is she KNOWS her stuff.

The main idea is that married women are stuck on single-woman-sex and need to realize things are different now but that different doesn’t have to mean blah. I’m going to give you the premise about this whole idea because giving that to you is not giving away the book. You won’t know what to do with that knowledge without the book. The premise is:

“Men see sex as a means toward intimacy, while women see intimacy as a means toward sex. Single-women sex is based on the male way of having sex. (neither right nor wrong and certainly not a reason to point a finger of blame.” – pg 25

Here’s an overview of what to expect in the book:

Chapter 1 – The basics of the single-woman sex versus married-woman sex concept
Chapter 2 – Taking responsibility and figuring out why you don’t enjoy sex as much as you could.
Chapter 3 – Getting rid of single-woman-sex baggage
Chapter 4 – Talking to him about sex, communication
Chapter 5 – Creating the sex life you want
Chapter 6 – Emotional intimacy and sexual self-confidence
Chapter 7 – Making your body your sexual ally
Chapter 8 – Having sex on your terms
Chapter 9 – Making married-woman sex stick

I found this book a valuable resource and I think reading some sections many times will help it’s ideas sink in and help me do what I need to, to make it work. Let me just clarify that this book is NOT for those who are having complicated marital problems and haven’t had sex in years. This is for those, whose marriage is good enough or even awesome but whose sex life isn’t as it should be.

At the Till Sex Do Us Part site you will find lots of information including video and audio clips about the book and where else she can be found, and excerpt of chapter one and more.

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