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This week is all about SEX! You can read more here but check back every day this week for reviews and giveaways.
NOTE: I won’t be describing this book in too much detail as there are under 18s who visit this blog.

Stars: ***1/2

Grand Central Publishing (Division of Hachette Book Group) 2010
336 Pages

Summary: Miki, Valencia, Teela Raye, and Brandi share one thing…they are all addicted to sex. United through Sexaholics Anonymous, these women try to recover from their dependence on wild, spontaneous, and even sometimes, dangerous sex. From whips and chains, to sex in public, they have done it all! Led by Dr. Rachel Cummings, each woman takes the first step to recovery by sharing her biggest sexual act with the group. SEXAHOLICS takes readers through the outrageous experiences of four women on their long path to success.

While this isn’t the first Erotica I’ve read, I haven’t read that many. I just never had a chance to until recently. So I can’t really say if this has more sex than regular Erotica or not. It seems like all the other reviews I’ve seen are by people not familiar with Erotica either. I don’t think this is light Erotica though. There isn’t much romance in this book which I know there is in some Erotica. There are some feelings of course but it’s not romance. I liked that there wasn’t long spaces in between sex scenes. APOOO(review blog), who seems to be familiar with Erotica said:

“Sexaholics is definitely for the freakiest of freaks.  I recommend this novel to erotica lovers who like hard-core, steamy sex scenes and Pynk supporters.”

Sexaholics has a LOT of sex in it, all different kinds, but it does have a storyline too. It isn’t till the middle of the book or so that it really comes through but you soon see there is a story and the characters are developed enough that you can kind of see yourself as her. The ending was amazing and there were some shockers including one disturbing scene but I enjoyed the book both as Erotica and as a novel.

The beginning of the book includes an author’s note that explains some basics about sex addiction, namely that men are the ones to most commonly be associated with it. Sex addiction is NOT just wanting lots of sex and Pynk did her research so that the book is factual and should be of special interest to those who feel they may be sexaholics. In fact at the end of the book she directs worried readers to the Sexaholics Anonymous website to do a quiz to see if they may have sexaholic traits.

My only problem was I kept mixing up the characters. If you read it within a few days time with no breaks, it’s no problem. However if you read for a while, stop for a few days or more and then pick the book back up, it takes some time to remember which person was which.

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