Clean the Clutter Read-a-thon Mini Challenge #1

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As part of the Clutter read-a-thon there are some mini-challenges. The first one is to admit I have a problem with books by posting photos (or describing) my shelves. At first I thought I was actually pretty organized as I have bookshelves with books organized on them.

NOTE: My camera sucks, sorry.

Exhibit A:

But then I looked around the room and found these (and more not pictured):

Exhibit B and C:
I am not too bad when it comes to buying books but I am a comulsive review copy accepter.
My plan to remedy this situation:
  • Find room for piles of books on shelves.
  • Read lots of books this week to make room for those books.
  • Review those books I read next week so I can pass them on to others.
  • Clean area in front of bookshelves so I don’t have an excuse to make piles of books elsewhere instead of putting them on the shelf.
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