Clean Away the Clutter: Day 4 Update + activity

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Well it’s day 4 and I’ve just barely been keeping close to my goal of 2 hours a day. Yesterday I managed 2hr 15 minutes. Today I’m not doing much better so far. I’ll be out most of the day though and then Survivor is on tonight so we’ll see.

Also my jaw is currently not opening enough to even get two fingers in my mouth which makes it hard to concentrate on reading. I’m pretty sure I need my Wisdom teeth out.

Anyways so far I’ve finished:

The Book of Knowledge: Sacred Books Volume II by David Michael Slater
Finding Anyone, Anywhere, Anywhen by Noel Montgomery Elliot

Although to be far, the second book took like 20 minutes to read. I’m now reading:

Without Sin by J. Tomas

Today’s activity (from Teens Read and Write) is to answer some questions about TBR shelves:

This is easy because I don’t have that many TBR books that aren’t review books. 

1.) Is there at least one book on your growing TBR that has been there forever and (if you were honest) you could give up without to much trauma?
Not really. I used to never buy books and then I started buying books from the library buy pile. Finally I realized I needed to stop doing that because I’d never have time to read those books since I kept getting new books for review. So I sent most back to library or to other people. Now I don’t buy books very often at all. There are months in between purchases. I just recently went through my TBR shelves and cleared a few more off I knew I’d never get to.
2.) What is your latest “Gotta Have It” book? (that you can get once you’ve given up that one in question #1)
I don’t have any. I don’t buy new books that are out. I get them for review or I use the library. 
3.) What are your classics – you’re ‘comfort books’ that you never want to give up?
I collect books by Alice Hoffman and I’m trying to collect Newbery award winners to share with my kids but almost all of the books in those two categories are used when I get them.
4.) What are your best tips for keeping that TBR in check?
I pretty much only buy a book if it’s a book I will keep referring back to (reference) or is Alice Hoffman or a Newbery book. When I got to used book stores, I give myself a limit of 2. I walk around and pick up all the books that interest me and then I take the time to really think about them and narrow them down. I try not to look at the library book sale.

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